Holiday & Children

In addition to our outdoor playground there are several other attractions open to your children:

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Sand pits
  • Kindergarden house
  • Small swimming pool

And should the weather not happen to be good once, then we’ve also got some funny indoor games too:

  • Various card games
  • Board games (e.g. Ludo)
  • Dominos
  • Puzzles
  • Children’s books
So there’s nothing stopping your kids from having an eventful stay!

kinder 01 kinder 02

Active holiday

In addition to the many activities such as guided ski tours, guided fixed-rope climbs, guided hikes with the host or show-shoe hikes which you can all undertake in our hiker‘s and climber’s paradise we also offer you a very special offer on our farm:

  • Barbecue evenings
  • Sauna
  • And much more.

sauna 03 piste 04

klettersteig 05 wuhn 06

sebastian 07 ovwritt 08